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I've been lucky enough to work on animation projects with Unilever, Wall's Ice Cream, Just Eat, O2, Funding Circle, Sainsbury's, Primark, the AMAZING charity Kid Powered Media, the BEST environmental charity Hubbub, The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, double MOBO Award-winning rapper... Guvna B... Deaf rapper 'Sign kid' AND Staffordshire County Council and many many more.
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UK Biocentre
Animation commissioned to explain the process of Covid testing at one of the government satellite labs.

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Just Eat
An update on Just Eat's half-year highlights, showing a range of achievements and successes.

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Hate Crime
ODIHR publishes hate crime data about the OSCE’s 57 participating States annually. This video explains how they collect and analyse this data and why it's important.

The Mighty Paper Bag

One iconic thing about Primark is it's brown paper bags. They wanted to show off their bag's environmental credentials all via a fun, colourful and papery origami stop motion animation. We had a lot of fun creating elephants, frogs and swan's out of paper to show off their mighty paper bag. 

Best before, still great after

One third of all food bought in the UK ends up wasted. And one of the contributors is the confusion around best before and use by date labels, that's right, the things on food packaging that you have no clue what the difference between them is. So Sainsbury's and environmental charity Hubbub got together and together we created 3 stop motion films that show that food past its best before date is still good to eat. We have a bread roll rock star, the big cheese office CEO and a running runner bean with a firm Vangelis nod to chariots of fire.

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O2 #Community Calling
1 in 4 people in the UK have an old smartphone in their house collecting dust. But 1.9 million UK households don't have access to the internet. This amazing project refurbishes people's old phones and gives them to those in need to help them with life's essentials during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Permira Debt Managers
PDM celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Let's take a look of what they've achieved in that time.

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Kidfographic: Child Marriage
Whilst working in New Delhi, India I worked with an amazing charity called Kid Powered Media who transformed lives by empowering kids to tell stories that they were facing in their neighborhoods. This video is a real look at the very stark reality that is child marriage in India with a particular focus on an area in Delhi called Tughlakabad.

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Use My Loo
I volunteered for NGO WASH for India and whilst living and working in New Delhi we developed a sanitation campaign that aimed to give 1 million women and girls access to clean water, toilets and bathing facilities. 

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