An action-packed comedy about a disabled father and his son's crazy attempt to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife for her birthday... one last time. Inspired by the real-life revelation that ecstasy can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

*Currently in post production


Flatshare is a cutting-edge, comedy-drama that follows the trials and tribulations of four diverse housemates living together in a run-down flat in South East London. The series explores London’s housing crisis by bringing the voices of individuals who are often marginalised to the centre of the narrative. Written by James Barber and starring Shaun Cowlishaw, Andrew Rowe, Ani Nelson and Nic Bernasconi. 


A social commentary comedy web-series about the young black British experience!

Written by Nathan Bryon (Benidorm, Some Girls) and co-directed by Grant Taylor, Stuart Mackenzie, Theresa Varga, and Julian Moore-Cook and produced by Max Ross, JokePit and Lauren Huggins.

*Winner* Screen Nation Digital Media Awards - Favourite web series & Favourite web series actor

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Everyday Struggles

A metaphorical vertical art film exploring the everyday struggles between men and women.

*Runner Up in Nespresso Talents UK 2018. Officially screening at BAFTA.


Emigration is the act of leaving one’s native country with the intent to settle elsewhere. Mikel, an emigrant to the United Kingdom has a passion for games, his observations lead him to create a game that will change the world.

*Best Free-Fall Limelight Film Awards

Short - Mockumentary

A food delivery company has forced its staff to wear all in one cow-onesies, and they are not at all happy about it.


How will technology influence our dating habits in the future? What if you could use keyboard shortcuts and dating app shortcuts in real life? Shortcuts is a comedy that explores the extremes of dating and technology with hilarious consequences.

Clive fixes the roof

Clive gets up one morning to find a leak in his roof. He sets out on an Olympian quest to fix it.

*Link can be provided upon request

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