Bring back heavy metal battery recylcing campaign hubbub foundaton
Bring Back Heavy Metal
Ecosurity & Hubbub Foundation UK

UK battery recycling is way below it's target, so a glorious campaign was created called 'Bring Back Heavy Metal!' From the start we wanted something striking, fun and above all else EPIC. The idea was developed with environmental charity Hubbub and Ecosurity. The campaign garnered the support of Asda, B&Q, Marks & Spencer, Currys and Morrisons. We created 3x 1 minute epic films where everyday things turn very heavy metal.

Hype Stonebridge.jpg
Stonebridge Boxing Club

Probably the hardest film I've ever made and a whirlwind induction into the world of boxing. I was one of ten directors selected out of 300 to make a film for a charity in need. Stonebridge boxing club changes a lot of lives in an area that has it's fair share of gang violence. In my first meeting with Ali, who set up the club, he wanted a no holds barred film which started with a stabbing and ended up highlighting how boxing changes lives. We removed the stabbing, but created something that we're all proud of and which screened at the ICA. I hope that boxing continues to change lives for the better.

One day
Parkinson's UK

This started out life as a spec ad with an open ended offer to the charity to collaborate. My Dad, Bob has lived with Parkinson's disease for over 20 years and I have always wanted to make something that can raise awareness and inspire. With Parkinson's all of your bodies movement becomes a struggle and your muscles tense up endlessly. We decided that we'd pose a question to a number of people living with the disease and asked them what they'd do if they were cured for just one day. People living with disability are my inspiration and the everyday super heros that this world deserves.

Harry Potter Idents
Mattel / Warner Bros

An email out of the blue from people at the Dentsu Aegis Network, one of the world's largest multinational media agencies. They wanted to re-create scenes from the Harry Potter movies with kids playing with their swish new range of Harry Potter Dolls. I'm talking Yule Ball, Quidditch and every day Hogwarts glad rags. What an epic day of filming with crash zooms and macro lenses and a fire alarm that went off for over an hour. The end result: 5x Idents that aired on Sky Nickelodeon and Pop. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 16.44.33.png
Clever Spa
Clever Company

Imagine your at work, it's a rainy day but just behind the clouds is the glorious sun and it's on the brink of popping out. What would you do when you got home? Obviously hit up the inflatable hot tub in your garden, that's what.

And imagine if you could turn it on from your desk via an app. Well the team at the clever company have created a clever hot tub that can do just that and we created a witty commercial which show's it off in all it's glory.

Eat your pumpkin

A terrifying 12.8 million pumpkins are  left uneaten every Halloween, in the UK alone! But it's one of the most versatile fruits (yes it's a fruit apparently) out there, every part of it is edible, except for the stalk. So here's an EPIC video about pumpkins and all the amazing things you can do with them.

The Mighty Paper Bag

One iconic thing about Primark is it's brown paper bags. They wanted to show off their bag's environmental credentials all via a fun, colourful and papery origami stop motion animation. We had a lot of fun creating elephants, frogs and swan's out of paper to show off their mighty paper bag. 

Best before, still great after

One third of all food bought in the UK ends up wasted. And one of the contributors is the confusion around best before and use by date labels, that's right, the things on food packaging that you have no clue what the difference between them is. So Sainsbury's and environmental charity Hubbub got together and together we created 3 stop motion films that show that food past its best before date is still good to eat. We have a bread roll rock star, the big cheese office CEO and a running runner bean with a firm Vangelis nod to chariots of fire.

Build memories that last a lifetime
Legoland Windsor

My very first ad which ended up winning me £2000! And getting some serious traction on social media. We created a short comedic film showing how sometimes a children's imaginations needs to become real or else!

*1st place in Legoland's "Build memories that last a lifetime" competition.

The men inside the Bueno
Kinder Bueno

This makes me laugh every single time. We imagined a world where each compartment of a kinder bueno bar was inhabited by a character. And as the bar is eaten the men inside try to escape their fate. We shot this in a tent filled with cream coloured bedsheets and had a lot of fun!

*Officially selected in the Take Life…Bueno! Competition.