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With over 7 years experience working for some of the world's biggest brands and companies both internally and externally, Grant is a trusted creative filmmaker. From filming Fortune 500 CEOs, workshops, events, case studies and documentaries he's told stories for charities, multinationals and start ups. Working with small crews to large teams with integrated animation he'll run a project from start to finish, telling the best story he can.
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Paypal Moneypools
A case study film showing off PayPal's new tool and the scenarios in which is can be used. 

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Lord Doritos and the Dangerous Duel
A wild comedic piece for Doritos Ketchup Canada where a modern man is transported into a period drama love triangle with crazy consequences... 

Hubbub Foundation UK
With nearly 3 million views over the last 5 years Grant has worked extensively with environmental charity Hubbub to help create a series of videos from a bi-monthly vlog to case studies that encourage people to take positive action when it comes to climate change. The videos cover a range of topics from food, fashion, homes and neighbourhoods and a 10 part series has aired on Together TV.

HP Printers
HP's new suite of Indigo presses are revolutionising the game. Our job was to take the hundreds of customer success stories and come up with a creative vision and edit a story that shows how impressive the Indigo suite really is.

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Seagate & LaCie Tech
Case study film for hardrive manufacturer LaCie. Showcasing the work of Jordan J. Lloyd a digital Colorist who's made it his mission to take old black-and-white photographs and bring them to life in colour.

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Buxton Water - Bottle to boat
Buxton Water collaborated with the charity HUBBUB to help with the creation of the UK’s first boat made entirely out of recycled plastic. This video details that journey from Prudential Ride London to a factory in Scotland to a master boat builder in Richmond.

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A video for multinational EY showcasing new software about AI that is transforming the classification and analysis of P&L data for tax and reporting purposes.

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In 2016/17 the UK spent a whopping £57 million clearing up after fly-tipping. For the past year, charity Hubbub has been working the local community in Oldham (a town in Greater Manchester) to try and understand the causes of fly-tipping and come up with solutions. This film was commissioned to show off the amazing work undertaken by the community and encourage others to love where they live.

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Eat your pumpkin

A terrifying 12.8 million pumpkins are  left uneaten every Halloween, in the UK alone! But it's one of the most versatile fruits (yes it's a fruit apparently) out there, every part of it is edible, except for the stalk. So here's an EPIC video about pumpkins and all the amazing things you can do with them.

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CLEAN recently opened a new factory in Slough, which is the largest, most efficient and sustainable of its kind in the UK. 

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Borough Market - Borough Beer
Against the odds, Borough Market has created a one-of-a-kind beer made with hops grown in the heart of London. Nomadic brewer Daniel Tapper takes us behind the scenes. Made for Go Forth Films.

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