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Simple Poets - Cutting Loose

Music video

2017  / 3:30 min / DJI OSMO

Production company Mdmx films & Grant Taylor Director Ltd

This is the first single from the Kent based Indie quartet Simple Poets. After meeting them at a charity event close to the bands heart we decided to pool together our creativity and create an ambitious low-budget music video showing the live story of a couple but by only showing their feet.

Filmed in the Plumstead / Woolwich area in SE London over one day, each shot and transition was pre-planned and timed. Huge thanks to the Woolwich Equitable and Blue Nile Cafe.

Directed by Grant Taylor

Produced by Max Ross

DOP - Caleb Wissun-Bhide

Man - Benjamin Sarpong-Broni

Women - Heather Poore

Child - Ethan Eke

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