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Tom Speight - Heartshaker

Music video

2019  / 3:04 min / Alexa Mini

Production company Grant Taylor Director Ltd

The latest uplifting single from London based Tom Speight is a refreshing escape, a majestic and exquisitely realised slice of acoustically driven pop. ‘Heartshaker’ is the fourth release from his upcoming album ‘Collide’, and he has been gaining much deserved support from Radio 2. This is yet another track which will be highly deserving of some serious Radio play.

On the track, Tom quotes, “‘Heartshaker’ was written after travelling back from New York City. I was in a relationship at the time and it felt like everything was moving very fast for me and I was struggling to take it all in! I got back from the trip & finally had a chance to write about how I was feeling and had time to process the feeling of being afraid of being left behind in a relationship.”

Screened on Vevo

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